Lessons from the Disruption of Media

Video of my webinar with Lucy Kueng, Part 1

I’m delighted to share this video of my interview with Lucy Kueng on leadership lessons for every industry from the media. (Click video above ☝️ to start watching)

Our conversation was so packed with insights from Lucy that I’m splitting it into two videos.

Today’s edition, “Part 1”, covers:

  • The job of leaders facing digital disruption

  • Strategic timing, and the “valley of death”

  • How media companies became media-tech companies

  • The pendulum swing between organizational models for digital

  • Why “digital” has disappeared from job titles in media

  • Competitive advantage and the end of mass media

  • Why brand is so critical to media

  • The future of streaming TV: Disney, Paramount, WBD, and the rest

(You can find PART 2 of our conversation here: Generative AI in the Media)

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